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ordering accuracy

Increase Ordering Accuracy

save time and order quickly

Save Time and Order Quickly

monitor your budget

Monitor Your Budget

maintain optimal inventory levels

Maintain Optimal Inventory Levels

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Accurately receive orders

It’s critical to keep an accurate record of the quantities you receive so that you can know exactly how much inventory you have on hand. With Zip Ordering, the receiving process ensures that orders are always received accurately. If any of the items you’ve ordered are damaged or missing, you can adjust the quantities and even send a credit memo to the supplier.

prevent over ordering

Prevent over-ordering

With suggested ordering you can make sure that you always maintain optimal inventory. Zip Ordering combines your ingredient usage, on hand, sales data, and supplier delivery calendars to make ordering as accurate as possible. When taking receiving, received quantities can be adjusted to guarantee that your on hand quantities are always correct. You can also create custom order guides and combine items from different suppliers so that you can send multiple purchase orders with one click.

Keep track of your spending

With Zip Ordering, you can monitor your spending and set budgets so that you’re never at risk of spending more than you need to. The dashboard makes it easy to see the total value of all your orders for the week, how many orders you have placed, and the number of suppliers you’ve ordered from. You can also navigate to the historical orders section of the application and get a complete breakdown of every order you’ve placed.

keeping track of your pendings
visibility on pricing

Visibility on pricing

Price increases can sometimes go unnoticed because they happen over extended periods of time. Zip Ordering provides you with the ability to hold suppliers accountable and see the pricing trend for every ingredient you purchase. You can look back at when you first started purchasing ingredients from a specific supplier and you can see how the price has changed over time. You can use this information to make sure that you always choose the suppliers with the best price.

Real-time order management

In Zip Ordering, orders are organized by status so that managing orders is easier than ever. The historical orders page utilizes a variety of filters so that navigating to a specific order is effortless. With just one look at your mobile device, you can see the expected delivery date of orders in transit so that you’re aware of when different orders will arrive. Zip Ordering keeps you organized and makes all orders and invoices accessible in one place.

real time ordering management

Prevent errors with real-time alerts

Running out of inventory or ordering too much of an ingredient are both major issues that can have disastrous consequences. Luckily, with Zip Ordering you can set alerts for both of these issues and prevent them from happening. Low inventory alerts can be configured so that you’ll receive a notification as soon as you’re running low on a specific ingredient. Similarly, you can set alert quantities that prevent you from ordering more than the specified amount of a particular item.

Mobile On The Go | Easy To Use

Manage Orders on the Go

Mobile ordering means that you can place orders from multiple suppliers all at once right from your phone. Placing orders in the Zip Ordering mobile app is simple. Just add the desired quantities to your cart and checkout. You can manage orders in transit and see your expected delivery date so that you know when to be on the lookout for different orders.

mobile features background

Simplified Ordering

Once your order arrives, the interface of Zip Ordering makes taking receiving an intuitive experience. Recent orders are readily accessible from the home screen, allowing you to jump into the receiving process as soon as you open up the app. You can even attach invoice images from your phone or tablet, eliminating the need to keep track of paper invoices.

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