Mobile Order Management App for iOS & Android

Mobile order management for owners, managers, and supervisors.

When you sign up for Zip Ordering, you and your team are granted access to our FREE inventory and mobile order management app for iPhone and Android devices.

With Zip Ordering, your inventory and ordering management needs are both streamlined and centralized, featuring easy data sharing, endless compatibility, and a sleek user-interface for veterans and newcomers alike.

Zip Inventory Compatibility

Perpetual inventory management

No longer do you need to manually count your inventory. With Zip Inventory compatibility, these tedious tasks are a thing of the past.

No more manual entering of inventory data

Inventory data can be imported directly from Zip Inventory, so you don't need to worry about ensuring that the data is transcribed from one system to another correctly.

Mobile Accessibility

Go anywhere, do anything

Zip Ordering allows you to take your ordering and inventory management and turn it mobile, meaning you can check stock or place orders from anywhere you happen to be.

Device crash-proof

With the mobile, cloud-based nature of this app, you don't need to worry about a crashing device putting your inventory and ordering management processes on hold. Simply launch from any mobile device to keep on going.

Stellar Reporting Features


Zip Ordering deals with the portion of inventory management that is directly responsible for ordering. It puts your usage and ordering patterns in the context of the actual costs incurred on your restaurant.

Gain insights into menu items and ingredients

As a result, you can get a better understanding of how much each menu item is costing you, which can aid in decision making for the addition or removal of menu items going forward.

Export in Any Format

More accessible

With Zip Ordering, you can export your data in any major spreadsheet format, such as Excel or Google Sheets, making your data more easily accessible on a range of devices.

Easily Shared

This also allows your ordering and inventory data to be more easily shared with other people via email, since it will be exported in compatible file formats.

This mobile order management app also features...

Outstanding Customer Support

As we like to say, we take great pride in the customer support we provide at Hubworks. We're here to help you get to know our product, but also learn about the way our product impacts your restaurant functions.

Decrease in Counting Error

When there are less instances of humans having to interact with data, there are fewer chances for error to be introduced into that data. By removing much of the manual aspect of the inventory and ordering management process, we have also greatly descreased your opporunities for error.

Streamlined Inventory and Ordering Processes

Cut your inventory and ordering management time in half with Zip Inventory. Our software is designed to eliminate many of the tedious components of these processes, opening up more time for you every day.

Start saving hours, today! Take control of your inventory ordering and make smarter decisions with the Zip Ordering management software. Simplify your ordering process for FREE.