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Inventory and ingredient supplier management is a key concern for many Retail establishments, and for good reason. Optimally regulating new purchase orders and maintaining healthy inventory levels is the key to reducing operating costs and enlarging profit margins.

Monitoring the restaurant supply chain can be a complex, multi-component task, requiring constant supervision and budgeting. In order to save time, effort, and money, many efficient Retails are turning to software solutions.

Zip Ordering is the Retail industry’s leading solution for inventory and order management. With an easy, user-friendly interface and automated ordering features, owners can replenish their shelves with a simple click of a button.

Top 5 Concerns For Retail Businesses

Retail businesses could be losing profits every day without even knowing. The following 5 aspects of operations often cause the most financial and reputational concerns for management.

Nonoptimal Inventory Level

Inventory costs can drastically affect the profits of a Retail establishment. Especially due to the time and temperature-sensitive nature of perishable ingredients, ordering too much stock can lead to excess spoilage and wasted capital.

On the other hand, ordering too little can lead to stockouts and shortages, which damages the relationship between the organization and the customer. In order to replenish these crucial ingredients, Retail businesses may put in additional purchase orders with expedited delivery, which will only increase inventory and logistics costs.

Manual Purchase Order Approvals

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The purchase order approval process may take multiple rounds of revision and confirmation. By undertaking this task manually, businesses only increase the volume of physical paperwork and time required in sending out purchase orders and invoices. This, in turn, increases the lead time and risk of losing critical documents.

Limited Restaurant Supply Chain Visibility

The restaurant supply chain often involves multiple suppliers, logistics companies, and more. With limited visibility into this process, Retail management may be unaware when these third parties begin steadily raising the prices of their services and inventory.

By letting these gradual price changes go unnoticed, businesses could lose thousands of dollars each month.

Lack of Data Collection

Inventory decisions should always be based on data and analytics. Without this quantitative information, Retail management cannot accurately gauge their customer demand or optimize their inventory levels.

Human Errors

Manually managing inventory and invoices can introduce room for human errors. While these mistakes can appear to be minimal at first, even one or two mistypes on a purchase order can drastically affect business finances and cause delays in receiving inventory.

How Can Zip Ordering Boost Efficiency & Profits?

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Zip Ordering provides many useful features and benefits to help Retail businesses secure their bottom line and alleviate the stress of daily inventory-related tasks. Some of Zip Ordering’s top functions include:

Customized Ordering Guides

Zip Ordering’s custom order guide feature allows users to connect with their vendors through the mobile application. Businesses can easily import their supplier catalogs, see recent purchase trends and the most up-to-date information.

Users can even combine all separate orders into a single order guide and send several purchase orders with a click of a button. All price totals will be listed by the vendor, as well as the grand total for clear visibility. Management can save this order guide for future use or set them to be automatically sent off regularly.

Integrated Local Vendor Search

Users can discover new, local suppliers and request their catalogs directly through the Zip Ordering app. This vendor search feature allows management to take back control when they unexpectedly run out of inventory or experience delays with their usual suppliers, ensuring that there will always be a backup plan.

Users can even narrow down their search by the category of the product they are looking for and Zip Ordering will list all of the local suppliers that sell the item.

Pricing and Usage Trend Analytics

Zip Ordering’s reports page will display all of the crucial inventory order totals and cost analyses of purchase order trends. Users can even view this information as graphs and filter by the date, supplier, and/or inventory item.

The reporting feature can analyze and identify usage rates and trends while tracking the cost of each ingredient. This allows for direct visibility into the Retail’s operations as well as the restaurant supply chain as a whole. By being equipped with this data, owners can make the best stock replenishment decisions to optimize the inventory level.

Automated & Mobile Ordering Process

The Zip Ordering mobile app allows users to place orders wherever and whenever. Retail owners can easily manage orders and view all expected delivery dates to plan their operations accordingly.

The simple user-interface makes taking and receiving inventory efficient. For increased accuracy, management can even attach images of invoices using their smartphones or tablets, eliminating the need for paper invoices altogether.

As the leading order management solution for Retail industry professionals, Zip Ordering has helped countless business owners to simplify their processes while increasing the profitability and efficiency of their establishments.

By taking advantage of the countless advanced features and becoming more data-driven, Retails can start seeing results from day one.