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Hotels can place orders for products from their existing suppliers or from new suppliers with just one click using Zip Ordering.

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Once you’ve signed up for Zip Ordering, you can start connecting with suppliers and placing orders right away!

Your Hotel managers and anyone you give access to will be able to download the Zip Ordering mobile app, and perform the same product ordering tasks over the phone.

Consolidate your orders

Order everything in one click.

Just add any supplier to your order and put their products in your cart. When you hit send the order will be automatically split into purchase orders and sent directly to your suppliers.

View your order history

All of your orders in one place.

See a list of your orders with intuitive search and filter options. You’ll see all your order information at a glance. Select the order to see the details and ensure that everything is what it should be.

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Lisa Smith

General Manager, Southpoint Hut

“Within minutes of signing up for Zip Ordering, I was able to connect with our current suppliers and start building order guides.”

Mark Otani

Owner, Southpoint Hut

“From our restaurant operations to the hotel, our team has found great value in using Zip Ordering for managing our ordering processes.”

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