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Bakeries can place orders for products from their existing suppliers or from new suppliers with just one click using Zip Ordering.

Learn how you can set up your bakery for a FREE 30-DAY trial of our online product ordering system.

Get rid of on-going email threads, missed phone calls, and stacks of order forms.

And simplify your product ordering process with Zip Ordering.

Once you’ve signed up for Zip Ordering, you can start connecting with suppliers and placing orders right away!

Your bakery managers and anyone you give access to will be able to download the Zip Ordering mobile app, and perform the same product ordering tasks over the phone.

Link to your current product suppliers!

No need to get on the phone – your products are just a click away.

Zip Ordering will send a link request to your suppliers.
As soon as they confirm the connection, you’ll have access to their product catalog.

What happens next.. is entirely up to you.

Find new local suppliers!

Ordering products is better when you have options.

New opportunities are right around the corner.The Zip Ordering supplier search feature allows you to find local suppliers and request their catalogs.

Discover in seconds.

Simply choose the category of product you’re looking for and we’ll show you local suppliers that provide those products.

A connection and a catalog.

We’ll send the supplier your information and they’ll link to you with their product catalog.

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Mia Perez

General Manager, Los Panaderia

“We always need to have fresh baked goods. Zip Ordering allows me to place orders for ingredients the night before and get it the next day!”

Stephanie Garcia

Owner, Los Panaderia

“Since we’ve signed up for Zip Ordering, we’ve built relationships with 3 new local suppliers. Our product costs is at an all time low!

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