Accelerate your ordering.

Ordering tools built for speed and flexibility.

Consolidate Your Orders

Order everything in one click.

When you create a new order, all of your suppliers are available at once. No need to spend time sending individual purchase orders.

Jump to suppliers in seconds.

If you need to see just one of your vendors, just use the filter tool. If you want to order from all of them at once, select them all.

Price totals that make sense.

We’ll calculate the order total on the fly, showing you exactly what you’re spending. Supplier totals and grand totals are located next to every order.

Let your vendor know what’s on your mind.

The notes section lets you tell the vendor additional instructions. Communication has never been easier.

Create Order Guides

Create Order Guides

Orders you can save for later.

Create custom order guides with the suppliers and products you need. Save them for later and re-use them when you need to restock.

Order once or order every month.

Set up your guide to send the order just once or set it to repeat weekly, monthly, or whenever you want.

Search for New Vendors

Ordering is better with options.

The vendor search feature allows you to find local vendors and request their catalogs. Expanding your network has never been easier.

Discover in seconds.

Simply choose the category of product you’re looking for and we’ll show you local vendors that provide those products.

Find the vendor you’ve heard so much about.

Type the name of a vendor and we’ll find it for you. You’ll be able to connect with that supplier your friend told you about.

A connection and a catalog.

We’ll send the vendor your information and they’ll link to you with their product catalog. You can then order from them just like the rest of your vendors.

Get iPhone and Android Apps

See your order status from anywhere.

All your order information is saved and available in the palm of your hand. See order statuses and delivery times before you reach the office.

Create orders on the go.

If computer time is at a premium, orders can be created and sent from the app. Send your orders from home or wherever you find yourself.

Coming Soon

See Vendor Updates

Vendor updates as soon as they happen.

When your vendor makes a change to their catalog, you’ll see it right away. You won’t be surprised by changes.

See new or replacement products

New or replacement products will show on your catalog whenever a vendor adds them. You’ll know exactly what you’ll get on delivery day.

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See Vendor Updates
Import Catalogs

Import Catalogs

Add any vendor, large or small.

We know you work with all kinds of suppliers; add all of their catalogs with ease. We’ll link you to your supplier’s existing web data or the product catalog you upload yourself.

Import vendor catalogs in minutes.

Our template is simple and easy to fill out. Once imported, the catalog will act just like a larger vendor’s would.

View Your Order History

All of your orders in one place.

See a list of your orders with intuitive search and filter options. You’ll see all your order information at a glance.

Know the status of your order instantly.

See which orders have been confirmed and which are already heading towards your store.

View Your Order History

Send Messages

Communicate instantly with your vendor.>

Need to leave a note? You can add notes to your orders to let your vendors know about special directions, like if you need them to drop off in the back of the store.

Read the latest about your orders.

The Messages feature records any messages that your vendor may send you about your orders. You’ll know right away if anything changes.

Analyze Reports

All of your data is tracked and organized.

The Reports page will show you important totals and analytics for all your orders. The most recent information from your vendors makes your data extremely accurate.

Customize your reporting.

Filter the graphs by date, product, and/or supplier to see exactly the data you need.

Export Reports

Save and send documents in seconds.

Click the Export button and you’ll create a CSV based on the  report you’ve selected.

Be prepared for anything.

Clean and detailed exports make your life easier when it comes time to review your purchases.

Integrate with Your POS and Zip Inventory

Integrate with Your POS and Zip Inventory

See your sales data.

Zip Ordering can connect to major POS systems to import your sales data. This can create reports that use your actual transactions in comparison to your purchases.

Coming soon- Connect with Zip Inventory.

If inventory management is on your mind, Zip Ordering is designed to connect with Zip Inventory. All of your purchased products will be brought over for easy counting.

Set Up in Minutes

Add your suppliers and get ready to order.

All you need to start using Zip Ordering is your sales rep’s email address. That’s it. We’ll send them an invite and you’ll be ready to order products as soon as they confirm.

Patience is optional.

If you can’t wait, that’s fine too- your supplier doesn’t have to sign up for you to get your order. Upload your own product list using our handy template and create an order right away. They’ll see it on their e-mail.

Set Up in Minutes
Engage with your sales reps

Engage with your sales reps

Unprecedented connection.

Zip Ordering provides communication tools that make your relationship with your sales rep stronger than ever. You’ll always be on the same page.

It works for everyone.

You get status updates for your orders in real-time and your sale reps can send messages instantly. You both save time by staying off the phone. When your rep visits, you’ll share friendly conversation instead of tense arguments.

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