Manage all of your product ordering on one screen

Learn how Zip Ordering features can help improve the back-end processes of your business.

Link to your current product suppliers!

No need to get on the phone – your products are just a click away.

Zip Ordering will send a link request to your suppliers.
As soon as they confirm the connection, you’ll have access to their product catalog.
What happens next.. is entirely up to you.

Find new local suppliers!

Ordering products is better when you have options.

New opportunities are right around the corner. The ZIP Ordering supplier
search feature allows you to find local suppliers and request their catalogs.

Discover in seconds.

Simply choose the category of product you’re looking for
and we’ll show you local suppliers that provide those products.

A connection and a catalog.

We’ll send the supplier your information
and they’ll link to you with their product catalog.

Import catalogs

Add any supplier, large or small.

We know you work with all kinds of suppliers, add all of their catalogs with ease. Your supplier will provide their product catalog as soon as you connect, or you can provide your own using our handy template.

Create order guides

Create custom order guides with the suppliers and products you need.

Set up your guide to send the order just once or set it to repeat weekly, monthly, or whenever you want. You can even schedule your order to send automatically, even when you’re out of the office.

Consolidate your orders

Order everything in one click.

Just add any supplier to your order and put their products in your cart. When you hit send the order will be automatically split into purchase orders and sent directly to your suppliers.

View your order history

All of your orders in one place.

See a list of your orders with intuitive search and filter options. You’ll see all your order information at a glance. Select the order to see the details and ensure that everything is what it should be.

Analyze reports

All of your data, tracked and organized.

Filter the graphs by date, product, and/or supplier to see exactly the data you need. Hover over the data points to see more detailed information. Plan ahead by reviewing cost trends and outliers.

Export reports

Save and send documents in seconds.

Click the Export button and you’ll create a CSV based on the report you’ve selected. You can access the information in Microsoft Excel and other compatible software.

Print reports

Data with maximum flexibility.

Go to any report and click Print to convert it to a PDF for easy printing. PDF files can also be easily e-mailed to other team members or used in meetings to show your entire team.

Ordering products just got easier.
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